The Hardest Clean Up Ever!

More than 100 volunteers cleaned up a super rocky coast full of trashes today. Look at this human chain…!

Hi Roger here. I’m in charge on clean up activities. Today we took part of a big clean up event in north Taiwan.

Several volunteer groups got together this time and we were one of them.

When we hear “coastal clean up”, a lot of people may imagine picking up trashes on the beach.

However today, it was a super rocky coast.

Now in Taiwan, a lot of groups organize clean up events but most of them are cleaning beaches because it’s safe for everyone, often including kids and elderlies.

Therefore, coasts with rocks are often left uncleaned and remain full of trashes.

This time, we decided to attach one of such spots with other groups, even with help from the Coast Guard.

Luckily the weather was perfect. I couldn’t imagine cleaning up this spot when it’s rainy…

But, it means it’s super hot! The outdoor temperature was nearly 40 degrees Celsius (102 degrees Fahrenheit).

Thanks to more than 100 volunteers who attended despite the heat, we managed to pull more than 500 kg of coastal trashes!

Most of them were plastic bottles and fishery waste.

Due to the rocky path and the distance from the road that waste collection trucks can reach, we transported trashes by the human chain method.

Some tourists were staring at us with disgusted faces because of the bad smell of trashes, but who cares, we were just collecting back what we humans produced no matter where the trashes came from.

What a fulfilling ending of the week of World Oceans Day 2020!

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