Father’s Day Beach Clean Up

The August 8th is Father’s Day in Taiwan. We threw a clean up event on the next day for families to do something good together!

When we starting planning this event, we thought only few people would come because it was the weekend of the Father’s Day (which is very important for families in Taiwan!).

But we finally decided to do it under the title of “bring your dad to clean up”.

Then, we ended up having more than 70 volunteers and this time, we didn’t co-organize with any other group!

We arrived in the spot earlier to prepare the equipment, and then found a participant was already there. She joins clean ups regularly and this time she came all the way down to the city from 100 km away…!

Right after the event started, a family passed by and the kid told his dad, “let’s join the clean up”. And the dad responded, “you just have to reduce the amount of waste in your daily life”.

The kid still wanted to clean up and started cleaning with us.

We also met a family that was really brought by their daughter!

While mostly parents brought their kids, it was really grateful to know that a daughter brought the whole family…!

All the volunteers worked hard, separating recyclables and non-recyclables, and we saw the beautiful ocean view without trashes in the end!

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