Event with a Wine Brand

It was a rainy day. Raining hard. But only during our beach clean up, the rain weakened! (Otherwise we would’ve had to cancel it…)

Back in June this year, when we took part in a big clean up event, we met this company who represents an American wine brand called Barefoot Wine & Bubbly in Taiwan.

Barefoot is a company that takes environmental protection seriously and continues to engage themselves in related events actively.

Titlist Wine Company, the Taiwanese representative of Barefoot, shares the same culture.

There were a group of people from the company joining the clean up event with us in June.

After the event, they asked us to plan their own clean up event including a petit classroom moment to get to know about Taiwan’s ocean environment.

One of our co-founders is a marine life artist (see her works here!) who is especially good at drawing sea turtles.

So we shared knowledge about sea turtles such as how we can differentiate individual sea turtle.

We also talked about situations of coral reefs in Taiwan this year because the water temperature has been extremely hot and bleaching very rapidly.

After an hour of the indoor activity, we moved to the nearby beach to clean up the coast.

It was a rainy day and we were all worried that we might have to cancel the clean up, but very fortunately, the rain became weak enough to stay the course only during the clean up.

Thanks to everyone’s effort, we managed to clean the most part of the beach.

Surprisingly and super luckily, it started raining hard again just when we finished the clean up…!

Of course, everyone’s smile of accomplishment made our day, too!

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