Support Ocean Cleaning Drone by Coastal Clean Up Vol. 2

This is our 2nd clean up events to support the crowdfunding project of the ocean cleaning drone under development by Azure Alliance.

Hola! Soy yo, Roger. What is the ocean cleaning drone? Why are we doing this?

To see that, you might want to read our previous news article here.

Maybe you roughly know that this is about now.

Maybe you even wonder why they designed the machine like this. Is this really efficient? Maybe you got some suggestions?

Let us know!

They are always happy to hear and exchange constructive opinions to further improve the machine.

Anyway, more than 70 volunteers got together this time and worked really hard!

Because the area we were looking to clean up was pretty clean (maybe someone had cleaned the area), we walked really far and still pulled a lot of trashes.

Abandoned fishing nets even had to be dragged by scooters.

Great job, everyone!

This beach is not crowded, does not look commercial, and is really beautiful.

However due to the strong seasonal wind coming from the north, there are always a lot of trashes here.

We will come back here after the rainy season in winter!

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