Ocean Themed Advertisement

Are you or your company is looking for ocean themed ads to promote your eco friendly products/services, or for your CSR projects? Talk to us! info@umiguide.com

1. Ocean themed advertisement planning

2. Video and photo shooting including editing

3. Supply of advertisement channels

Today we participated in the idea competition particularly aiming marine environmental protection organized by a governmental organization of Taiwan.

We got the 4th prize but that’s not the point.

The idea we proposed was to situate underwater cameras in the ocean and livestream what’s happening there in the city.


Through our environmental activities such as clean up events, we realized there was a tendency that only environmentally aware people kept coming back and most of people, especially who don’t go to the ocean often, are still very distant.

It’s not weird.

Everyone is busy with her/his own life in this stressful society and we don’t have time to look at anything else.

So, we thought, if people don’t go to the ocean, we can let the ocean come to the city.

This is my own experience.

Before I started diving, I didn’t care at all about the environment.

So I strongly think that getting closer to the ocean to enjoy the beauty of it is the gate towards the care.

Live streaming is cool. But it’s costly. Also we can easily imagine that it often doesn’t grab anything interesting to attract people’s attention.

Well, if the point is to attract people, we can just grab videos and bring them to daily life in the city.

But again, bringing them to the city could be even more costly because they’d have to occupy ad spaces.

Then we came to an idea that we can make them into actual ads for companies that want to promote eco-friendliness of their presence, products or services.

Now there are unlimited amounts of ads in our life to tell us to consume more.

Maybe we can occupy those spaces with ads that make us think of the beautiful nature?

We are recreational divers who have strong professional backgrounds in visual design, advertisement, software engineering, sales and marketing, and even manufacturing with language capability in English, Spanish, German, Mandarin and Japanese.

Why us?

Advertisement agencies would need to outsource videos and photos, hence more expensive. We dive often and can grab them anytime we want.

If you handle ad planning and materials separately, you would need to have at least 2 suppliers, which complicates the KPI review process and might cause liability issues.

We are a small team, hence more economical.

If you think it’s cool, we can help. info@umiguide.com

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