Beach Clean-up with Chiayi City Triathlon Association

We have 2 team members who came from Chiayi City situated in the middle on Taiwan. Thanks to them, we realized this great collaboration!

Our dearest team member, who is also a great marine life artist at Brain Ocean Studio, is from Chiayi City.

Thanks to her, we teamed up with Chiayi City Triathlon Association to clean up Haomeili Beach in the west coast of Taiwan on the 13th of March.

In this event, not only did we welcome families of the association members but also non-members of the association.

Look at the first photo, a lot of kids joined!

So we decided to have a moment for a small quiz (with prizes!) before starting to clean.

Through this quiz, we explained how these trashes ended up on the beach and how it is related to each one of us.

We also presented how we can reduce plastic usage in our daily life.

Hope we all can try to reduce the environmental impacts other than cleaning the beach.

Although we cleaned Chiayi’s beach, not a few people joined from other cities, like Taichung and Yunlin.

And a lot of people biked to the beach!

We really appreciate everyone’s great enthusiasm towards the beautiful environment.

We have already started talking about our next clean up with the association!

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