Äventyrsgruvan i Tuna-Hästberg

We offer Adventure Mine Diving with a guide in the parts that have open water. It is possible to dive for about an hour at a time in lighted areas that provide a fantastic experience of falling freely in the mine chambers. Divers of levels, at least Advanced Water Diver or similar are welcome! Dive equipment is transported down to the mine by the existing railway from the time the mine was still in operation. After transport it is about 300m to the dive site.

Shop Description

Fun Diving SEK 500~
Certification System N/A
Country Sweden
Contact (Messenger)
Contact (Email)
Website http://www.aventyrsgruvan.se/
Languages Swedish, English
Wifi Yes
Accommodation No
Accept credit cards? Yes

At Adventure Mine of Tuna Hästberg, we are actively making daily efforts to reduce our usage of plastics, especially of single-use ones, and reduce our carbon footprint by investing in the charging station for electric cars by our facilities.