Azul Unlimited

Azul Unlimited is your guide for scuba diving in the Komodo National Park. We teach dive professionals and ocean protectors. Scuba courses range from recreational to professional and technical diving. Currently a wide range of online courses are available on our website. Also, we are giving away great deals by “Buy Now, Dive Later” gift cards! Check out our website!

Shop Description

Fun Diving IDR 1,550,000 for 2 dives   See full price list
Certification System PADI
Country Indonesia
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Languages Spanish, English
Wifi Yes
Accommodation No
Accept credit cards? Yes

We want you to experience a more environmentally friendly and responsible way of diving. The ocean and its health is our business so you won’t find single-use plastics anywhere on our boat or in our shop. We also offer vegetarian food as our primary meal option on our day trips in order to lower our environmental impact.

Every month, Azul Unlimited takes divers to our Adopt A Dive Site: Batu Bolong for our monthly survey and clean up dive. We make a full day out of the dive trip by going for 3 dives in the Komodo National Park and cleaning up any trash we see along the way! Scuba diving at Batu Bolong is one of those ‘musts’ of coming to dive Komodo National Park. Participating in an event like Dive Against Debris makes it even more memorable!

Are you a shark lover? Are you also an Advanced Open Water Diver? Join us for a Project AWARE Shark Conservation workshop on our way to dive Komodo North! This is a one day workshop to learn more about sharks and their importance to the ecosystem. The lecture happens on the boat on our way out to the Komodo National Park followed by 3 dives in some of the best dive sites Komodo has to offer!