Blue Nation Baja

Blue Nation is a family-based company in the beautiful Loreto, B.C.S., Mexico. We are a small team of people driven by love and respect for the Ocean. Our main services are: diving, snorkeling, tours & courses, yet we can always arrange special requests!

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Fun Diving USD 135~ for 2 dives   See full price list
Certification System PADI, NAUI
Country Mexico
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Languages English, Spanish, French, Portuguese
Wifi No
Accommodation No
Accept credit cards? Yes

We embrace and follow the eco tourism philosophy and practices to respect the wild life and its environment. No disposable materials in our trips, we only use reusable items such as agave fiber cups, bamboo lunch boxes, stainless steel cutlery, water jugs instead of single water bottles, and more. We include reef-safe sun screen in all of our trips and do not allow chemicals in the water. Our delicious lunch boxes are made with local ingredients (grown and sold here in Loreto).

We also have a local Conservation & Exploration group for several purposes: specie monitoring, bottom cleanups, exploring new sites for decluttering the main visited areas, etc. We also work with universities for environmental education and ocean awareness, as well as having students doing their professional practices in our facilities and learning about ever single thing.