H2O Divers Dahab

Here at H2O Divers we offer a range of courses and guided dives, from the surface to below 100m. Most of our instructors have decades of experience, we were (and still are!) passionate divers before we became professionals. We only use trusted instructors and guides so email us early for your requests.

Shop Description

Fun Diving EUR 60~ for 2 dives   See full price list
Certification System PADI, TDI, AIDA
Country Egypt
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Website http://www.h2odiversdahab.com/
Languages English, Arabic
Wifi Yes
Accommodation No
Accept credit cards? Yes

At H2O we are passionate about environmental awareness and we promote environmentally responsible dive practices. Members of our crew have expertise in technical and rebreather diving, underwater photography, professional diver training and in marine conservation.

We actively run clean up dives and coral reef check, as well as offer conservation courses to our guests. In addition, we have joined HEPCA-Turtle Watch for turtle conservation efforts here in the Red Sea. When you come to dive with us, you’ll make part of it! Read more about our turtle watching program.