Octopus Divers Dahab

Octopus divers is a scuba diving center & hostel located in Octopus Hotel at Mashraba St., Dahab, Egypt. We offer PADI scuba courses for beginners to experienced divers, guided dives at the many dive sites of Dahab, and diving safaris by either live aboard or camel treks.

Shop Description

Fun Diving EUR 299~ for 10 dives incl. a week stay    See full price list
Certification System PADI
Country Egypt
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Website http://www.octopusdiversdahab.com/
Languages Arabic, Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Spanish
Wifi Yes
Accommodation Yes
Accept credit cards? Yes

Octopus Divers Dahab is all about diving with a focus on having a good impact on the Ocean Planet. We strive to educate our staff and guests about the importance of keeping our ocean healthy not just to keep diving fun and sustainable, but for our very existence as humans.