Welcome to Umi Guide!

This is the first dive shop directory in the world that focuses dive centers that regularly work on environmental activities.

Hi everyone! My name is Joe. I am here to introduce Umi Guide. We are a group of divers based in Asia.

We actively join and lead activities like beach clean ups, river clean ups, ocean clean ups, etc., and always feel happy to dive with eco friendly dive centers.

While putting utmost importance on the environment, it is also an undeniable fact that safety is the most important thing in diving activities.

Through our diving experience, we came to the realization that dive centers that put importance on the environment equally take safety very seriously.

Then we came up with the idea of Umi Guide, which is to put together information of eco friendly dive centers so that we all can enjoy diving in more eco and safe ways.

At the same time, we aim to provide convenience in finding, speaking to and booking dive centers before dive trips.

If you feel the same, please share our website with your diver friends or even with non-divers so that we can make diving more enjoyable and have more people in the ocean to protect the environment together!!

Also, if you know any eco friendly dive centers that should be featured by this website, we would be more than happy to know! Write to us: info@umiguide.com

Beach Clean-up with Chiayi City Triathlon Association

We have 2 team members who came from Chiayi City situated in the middle on Taiwan. Thanks to them, we realized this great collaboration!

Our dearest team member, who is also a great marine life artist at Brain Ocean Studio, is from Chiayi City.

Thanks to her, we teamed up with Chiayi City Triathlon Association to clean up Haomeili Beach in the west coast of Taiwan on the 13th of March.

In this event, not only did we welcome families of the association members but also non-members of the association.

Look at the first photo, a lot of kids joined!

So we decided to have a moment for a small quiz (with prizes!) before starting to clean.

Through this quiz, we explained how these trashes ended up on the beach and how it is related to each one of us.

We also presented how we can reduce plastic usage in our daily life.

Hope we all can try to reduce the environmental impacts other than cleaning the beach.

Although we cleaned Chiayi’s beach, not a few people joined from other cities, like Taichung and Yunlin.

And a lot of people biked to the beach!

We really appreciate everyone’s great enthusiasm towards the beautiful environment.

We have already started talking about our next clean up with the association!

Ocean Themed Advertisement

Are you or your company is looking for ocean themed ads to promote your eco friendly products/services, or for your CSR projects? Talk to us! info@umiguide.com

1. Ocean themed advertisement planning

2. Video and photo shooting including editing

3. Supply of advertisement channels

Today we participated in the idea competition particularly aiming marine environmental protection organized by a governmental organization of Taiwan.

We got the 4th prize but that’s not the point.

The idea we proposed was to situate underwater cameras in the ocean and livestream what’s happening there in the city.


Through our environmental activities such as clean up events, we realized there was a tendency that only environmentally aware people kept coming back and most of people, especially who don’t go to the ocean often, are still very distant.

It’s not weird.

Everyone is busy with her/his own life in this stressful society and we don’t have time to look at anything else.

So, we thought, if people don’t go to the ocean, we can let the ocean come to the city.

This is my own experience.

Before I started diving, I didn’t care at all about the environment.

So I strongly think that getting closer to the ocean to enjoy the beauty of it is the gate towards the care.

Live streaming is cool. But it’s costly. Also we can easily imagine that it often doesn’t grab anything interesting to attract people’s attention.

Well, if the point is to attract people, we can just grab videos and bring them to daily life in the city.

But again, bringing them to the city could be even more costly because they’d have to occupy ad spaces.

Then we came to an idea that we can make them into actual ads for companies that want to promote eco-friendliness of their presence, products or services.

Now there are unlimited amounts of ads in our life to tell us to consume more.

Maybe we can occupy those spaces with ads that make us think of the beautiful nature?

We are recreational divers who have strong professional backgrounds in visual design, advertisement, software engineering, sales and marketing, and even manufacturing with language capability in English, Spanish, German, Mandarin and Japanese.

Why us?

Advertisement agencies would need to outsource videos and photos, hence more expensive. We dive often and can grab them anytime we want.

If you handle ad planning and materials separately, you would need to have at least 2 suppliers, which complicates the KPI review process and might cause liability issues.

We are a small team, hence more economical.

If you think it’s cool, we can help. info@umiguide.com

Support Ocean Cleaning Drone by Coastal Clean Up Vol. 2

This is our 2nd clean up events to support the crowdfunding project of the ocean cleaning drone under development by Azure Alliance.

Hola! Soy yo, Roger. What is the ocean cleaning drone? Why are we doing this?

To see that, you might want to read our previous news article here.

Maybe you roughly know that this is about now.

Maybe you even wonder why they designed the machine like this. Is this really efficient? Maybe you got some suggestions?

Let us know! info@umiguide.com

They are always happy to hear and exchange constructive opinions to further improve the machine.

Anyway, more than 70 volunteers got together this time and worked really hard!

Because the area we were looking to clean up was pretty clean (maybe someone had cleaned the area), we walked really far and still pulled a lot of trashes.

Abandoned fishing nets even had to be dragged by scooters.

Great job, everyone!

This beach is not crowded, does not look commercial, and is really beautiful.

However due to the strong seasonal wind coming from the north, there are always a lot of trashes here.

We will come back here after the rainy season in winter!

Support Ocean Cleaning Drone by Coastal Clean Up

We are now, by means of beach clean-up activities, helping promotion of the crowdfunding project of this ocean cleaning drone specialized in fishing ports.

This drone is in the development process by Azure Alliance, a Taiwanese non-profit organization.

In order to attack the plastic pollution issue especially in heavily polluted fishing ports, they spent 3 years to develop the prototype that successfully collected 528 kg of floating plastics in Keelung, Taiwan.

Now the prototype is evolving to the 2nd generation and therefore the crowdfunding project is under process!

One of the biggest keys in succeeding in crowdfunding projects is marketing.

The more people know about the project, the better success rate it can have.

As the project’s sponsors can receive gifts exclusively designed by one of our co-founders, a.k.a. Brain Ocean Studio, we decided to help the project further by means of coastal clean up events.

No matter how many people can join the events after all, the event pages are exposed to the public, especially of the right target audience.

We have planned 2 clean up events and today was the first one of them.

Today’s spot was a seaside park in Tainan, a city in southern Taiwan.

The park is a great spot to see the sunset, so lamentably we saw an unlimited amount of littered cigarettes…

Due to the oyster farm nearby, we also saw some abandoned equipment made of styrofoam.

As always, we met a lot of cool people, such as a university professor who brought his students (and they regularly clean the area!), a dad who brought his daughter and his son, a girl who travelled more than 300 km just for the event…!

Hope we all can support the development project of the cleaning drone!

Event with a Wine Brand

It was a rainy day. Raining hard. But only during our beach clean up, the rain weakened! (Otherwise we would’ve had to cancel it…)

Back in June this year, when we took part in a big clean up event, we met this company who represents an American wine brand called Barefoot Wine & Bubbly in Taiwan.

Barefoot is a company that takes environmental protection seriously and continues to engage themselves in related events actively.

Titlist Wine Company, the Taiwanese representative of Barefoot, shares the same culture.

There were a group of people from the company joining the clean up event with us in June.

After the event, they asked us to plan their own clean up event including a petit classroom moment to get to know about Taiwan’s ocean environment.

One of our co-founders is a marine life artist (see her works here!) who is especially good at drawing sea turtles.

So we shared knowledge about sea turtles such as how we can differentiate individual sea turtle.

We also talked about situations of coral reefs in Taiwan this year because the water temperature has been extremely hot and bleaching very rapidly.

After an hour of the indoor activity, we moved to the nearby beach to clean up the coast.

It was a rainy day and we were all worried that we might have to cancel the clean up, but very fortunately, the rain became weak enough to stay the course only during the clean up.

Thanks to everyone’s effort, we managed to clean the most part of the beach.

Surprisingly and super luckily, it started raining hard again just when we finished the clean up…!

Of course, everyone’s smile of accomplishment made our day, too!

Father’s Day Beach Clean Up

The August 8th is Father’s Day in Taiwan. We threw a clean up event on the next day for families to do something good together!

When we starting planning this event, we thought only few people would come because it was the weekend of the Father’s Day (which is very important for families in Taiwan!).

But we finally decided to do it under the title of “bring your dad to clean up”.

Then, we ended up having more than 70 volunteers and this time, we didn’t co-organize with any other group!

We arrived in the spot earlier to prepare the equipment, and then found a participant was already there. She joins clean ups regularly and this time she came all the way down to the city from 100 km away…!

Right after the event started, a family passed by and the kid told his dad, “let’s join the clean up”. And the dad responded, “you just have to reduce the amount of waste in your daily life”.

The kid still wanted to clean up and started cleaning with us.

We also met a family that was really brought by their daughter!

While mostly parents brought their kids, it was really grateful to know that a daughter brought the whole family…!

All the volunteers worked hard, separating recyclables and non-recyclables, and we saw the beautiful ocean view without trashes in the end!

The Hardest Clean Up Ever!

More than 100 volunteers cleaned up a super rocky coast full of trashes today. Look at this human chain…!

Hi Roger here. I’m in charge on clean up activities. Today we took part of a big clean up event in north Taiwan.

Several volunteer groups got together this time and we were one of them.

When we hear “coastal clean up”, a lot of people may imagine picking up trashes on the beach.

However today, it was a super rocky coast.

Now in Taiwan, a lot of groups organize clean up events but most of them are cleaning beaches because it’s safe for everyone, often including kids and elderlies.

Therefore, coasts with rocks are often left uncleaned and remain full of trashes.

This time, we decided to attach one of such spots with other groups, even with help from the Coast Guard.

Luckily the weather was perfect. I couldn’t imagine cleaning up this spot when it’s rainy…

But, it means it’s super hot! The outdoor temperature was nearly 40 degrees Celsius (102 degrees Fahrenheit).

Thanks to more than 100 volunteers who attended despite the heat, we managed to pull more than 500 kg of coastal trashes!

Most of them were plastic bottles and fishery waste.

Due to the rocky path and the distance from the road that waste collection trucks can reach, we transported trashes by the human chain method.

Some tourists were staring at us with disgusted faces because of the bad smell of trashes, but who cares, we were just collecting back what we humans produced no matter where the trashes came from.

What a fulfilling ending of the week of World Oceans Day 2020!

Environmental Education Event with an Elementary School

Today, we had a great afternoon with a group of elementary school kids as well as their teachers.

Firstly we went to their classroom to share stories of ocean animals with the kids.

We were so surprised at how they were interested in those animals! Not only did they keep asking questions, some of them actually knew about ocean animals pretty well.

When I introduced manta rays and whale sharks, I used photos in which they are with remoras by chance.

Of course the kids were interested in those little fishes looking like hitching a ride, so I talked about them a bit, then one kid asked me “is it mutualism?”

When I heard that, I was like “did I even know the word when I was that little?”

Anyway, the relationship between them is actually commensalism. Only remoras are benefited from clinging onto sharks, manta rays or other similar animals.

They catch and eat excess food that big animals have left behind, however those big don’t get any benefit from being sucked by remoras.

After that, I explained how the marine debris affecting oceans and underwater creatures. We also brought questions so that the kids could think of what we can do about it.

Watching some photos and videos, the kids were really feeling the pain of those animals!

We then moved onto an outdoor activity which was a riverside clean up.

The spot was supposed to be a beautiful and relaxing riverside park, but we picked up 8 bags of trashes only for 40 minutes!

Apparently some of them felt cleaning up was fun and said they wanted to do this again! This is a really rewarding word for us.

After the event, we called an Uber to bring the trashes to the waste collection center.

We kind of thought we might be refused because we were so dirty with these full trash bags, but knowing we were cleaning the park, the driver happily gave us a ride.

During the ride, one of the teachers from the school who helped us with moving the trashes were enthusiastically telling the driver how awesome the event had been.

Finally, when we saw a truck from the waste collection center, surprisingly it was the Uber driver that talked to the truck driver first saying we clean up the park!

From the beginning to the end, it was a happy afternoon full of great people!